Announcing Star Wars

We are so excited to announce that we will be releasing a special edition episode this Friday, May the Fourth. Can you guess what it’s about? That’s right! Our first annual May the Fourth Star Wars Appreciation episode will air this Friday! As lifelong Star Wars fans, we are thrilled to discuss one of most iconic, beloved, and successful franchises in existence. There are endless … Continue reading Announcing Star Wars

The Handmaid’s Tale Part 1: The Book vs. the Show

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum! We discuss The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and notable differences from the award-winning show from Hulu, including: characterizations of Offred/June, Moira, Nick, and Ofglen/Emily; unreliable narration in the novel; use of foreshadowing in the show; barbarism with modern elements; twisting of bible passages; the book vs. show ending; and our predictions for season two. Plus, how amazing Margaret Atwood is … Continue reading The Handmaid’s Tale Part 1: The Book vs. the Show

Announcing The Handmaid’s Tale

We are now ten episodes in to our podcast and have officially covered season one of The Bold Type! It has been so much fun to discuss and gush about Jane, Kat, and Sutton but we are ready to move on to something a little different (and a little darker). So the next show we will be covering is…..The Handmaid’s Tale! Based on the dystopian … Continue reading Announcing The Handmaid’s Tale

The Bold Type S01E010: Carry the Weight

It’s the season finale and we’re ready to unleash holy hell! We discuss the season one finale of Freeform’s The Bold Type, Carry the Weight: Jane is leaving Scarlet and writing her last article about a rape survivor’s visual arts project, Sutton is trying to survive Fashion Week and her tumultuous love triangle, and Kat is avoiding thinking about Adena by planning the Fashion Week … Continue reading The Bold Type S01E010: Carry the Weight