The Bold Type S01E07: Three Girls in a Tub

We want to talk about The Bold Type…..and nachos. We discuss season 1 episode 7 of Freeform’s The Bold Type, Three Girls in a Tub: Kat wants to be a better boss lady but her direct report is making it hard, Sutton wants things to be less complicated with Richard after he hosts a dinner party with the girls, and Jane wants love with Pinstripe….or maybe with someone else. Plus, research on tantric sex and the Bechdel Test. 

What We’re Drinking

Organic Baked Cinnamon Apple | Tazo
Organic Vanilla Honey bush | Stash

What We’re Reading

The Rule | Alison Bechdel
The Next Bechdel Test | FiveThirtyEight
The Bechdel Test | TVTropes
Bechdel Test Movie List
14 surprising movies that pass the Bechdel Test | Entertainment Weekly
Neotantra | Wikipedia

What We’re Listening To

Sunshine by POWERS
Honey by KAYE
Melt by JONES
Bitter End by Gordi
Surround Me by LÉON

What We’re Watching

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